Tour 2 – Corporation

Colorado Connection Repeaters, Inc. is governed by a five member Board of Directors. This corporation supports the VHF repeater system known as the Colorado Connection.

The purposes for which the corporation is organized are to promote amateur radio, to provide public service and emergency communications, to perform scientific research into propagation of very high frequency and ultra high frequency radio networking, and for other non-profitable purposes.

The corporation has entered into agreement with several state and local government agencies to provide communications in times of emergency. State Amateur Radio Emergency Services (A.R.E.S.) groups coordinate many of their activities via the Colorado Connection repeater system. Individual amateur operators have found the Connection an invaluable resource in times of emergency, when no other method of communication has been available.

Alternately, the system is available for ‘ragchews’ to amateur radio operators licensed for the two meter band. Colorado Connection Repeaters, Inc. is not a club and there is nothing to join. The Connection survives by donations of time, talent, equipment, and money by those of us who use the system. It promotes amateur radio through public service.