Tour 1 – Welcome

Many of you may have never heard of Colorado Connection Repeaters, Inc. The corporation is a non-profit organization supporting The Colorado Connection, a unique statewide two meter linked FM radio system with additional coverage into adjacent states. Currently the repeater system provides coverage to about 80-90% of the state’s population and about 50-60% of the area. Volunteers have set the goal of providing coverage to virtually all of our state’s population and 90-100% of Colorado’s area. The Colorado Connection is not a club with dues and membership. It’s an invaluable tool of the amateur radio community, provided solely through the financial support of the system users. The volunteers of the Connection would like to invite you to take a tour of the Connection to learn about its many unique features.

The Connection doesn’t offer a phone patch. Instead, we have border to border VHF coverage via two meter radio. What makes the Connection unique is the ease of operation. There are no complex control codes needed to operate distant repeaters – simply transmit on your local repeater frequency and you’re connected with the entire system. With many solar powered sites, the Connection is the highest all amateur linked radio system in the world. It is supported solely by volunteer time, talent, money, and equipment! The Connection serves many communities as an emergency communications backup. All licensed amateur radio operators with two meter privileges are welcome to use the system and our volunteers support the Connection for the love of amateur radio.

Without your support the Connection cannot survive. Colorado Connection volunteers ask that each of you consider what value the Connection is to you and the amateur radio community. We hope to expand coverage, which requires a great deal more than the $300-$400 per month we need to sustain operation and hope that you’ll help us in reaching these goals. Please consider a donation to help us bring added coverage to rural Colorado.

Send your donations and ideas to our address. For more information about the Connection, continue on your tour!