Special Events Guidelines

Colorado Connection Repeaters
Special Event Guidelines

Special Events are occasionally coordinated via Colorado Connection repeaters. Below are the guidelines we request you follow when coordinating a special event on the Colorado Connection.

1) ALL users shall follow certain protocols.

Due to the coverage area of the Colorado Connection, it’s major function is to provide a reliable source for wide area communications. At times, special events are coordinated on the Connection when coverage isn’t possible on a single local repeater. For this reason it is necessary for ALL users to follow certain protocols. (Special protocols are described in sections 4 and 5 below.) This is especially true for groups providing communications during special events.

2) Special event Net Control operators MUST make regular announcements stating that ANYONE wishing to make a call may do so by announcing their callsign and asking for a break.

These announcements should be made at least once every 15 minutes. Breaking stations shall be acknowledged quickly and given the opportunity to proceed.

3) Special event Net Control operators MUST make regular announcements stating the Name and Nature of the event.

These announcements should be made at least once every 15 minutes.

4) Users should wait AT LEAST 2 SECONDS after hearing the morse code K before transmitting.

Connection repeaters link together via a combination of simplex and duplex UHF and VHF radio. Electronic controllers and electro-mechanical link boxes pass the audio between repeaters and their link transceivers, therefore time must be given for ALL links to TOTALLY FORM at the beginning of a transmission and to TOTALLY DROPbetween transmissions. When this protocol is used, repeater or link timeouts are not be a problem. This also allows users of distant repeaters to break-in during any special event or normal conversation.

Connection repeaters will time-out after two minutes of constant transmission. If the 2 seconds isn’t left for ALL links to completely drop, one or more repeaters may time out. The system will shutdown until the offending repeaters have no input signal. The system will reset automatically, indicated by voice and CW messages. Users may not hear time-out clear messages from every repeater due to the controller variations and link topology. When your local repeater resets, wait AT LEAST 5 SECONDS for the other repeaters on the system to reset. Some of the distant repeaters may continue to be timed out while the time-out clear message from other repeaters is sent. Again, users may not hear all the time-out clear messages during this period. This 5-second quiet period is essential for all time-out clear messages to propagate throughout the system and all repeaters to completely reset.

5) Users must wait AT LEAST 1 SECOND after transmitting to begin speaking.

It is necessary for users to depress the PTT key for this 1 second before speaking to allow all the electro-mechanical and electronic links in the system to completely form. If this is not done the first few words of the transmission will not be heard on other repeaters.

6) All FCC rules pertaining to station identification should be followed.

While we recognize the need for various checkpoint names or other nicknames during special events, don’t forget that the FCC requires that you identify your station by transmitting your callsign at least every ten minutes.

7) It is requested that your group or event organizers send Colorado Connection Repeaters, Inc. a letter recognizing our contribution to the special event.

The Connection runs on individual donations, but regularly applies for grants from philanthropic organizations. These organizations request information about how we provide public service. This letter should be mailed to:

Colorado Connection Repeaters, Inc
P.O. Box 22134
Denver, Co. 80222

If you’d like to make a request to conduct your special event on the Colorado Connection, you may send your request to the above address or Email the Board of Directors with your request.

Please include the name of your organization, organization address, organization telephone number, primary and secondary contact names and callsigns with their addresses and phone numbers. Include the name and nature of the event, starting and ending times, and the location where the event is to be conducted.

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep the Connection running smoothly. We sincerely hope you have a successful special event.