All Colorado Connection repeaters require an 88.5Hz input tone and broadcast an 123.0Hz output tone. When in doubt, set your transmit tone to 88.5Hz and leave your receive tone as carrier squelch.

Click here for a mostly complete merging of the repeater coverages for the entire system. It is missing a few repeaters for which we don’t have accurate coverage information.

Updated 9/25/2021

Denver/Boulder CoverageDetails 145.310MHz -600KHz


Akron CoverageDetails 145.400MHz -600KHz Running
Breckenridge CoverageDetails 147.390MHz +600KHz Running
Colorado Springs CoverageDetails 145.130MHz -600KHz


Durango CoverageDetails 147.345MHz +600KHz

Occasionally Intermittent

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Fort Collins CoverageDetails 146.730MHz -600KHz Running
Glenwood Springs CoverageDetails 146.850MHz -600KHz Running
Grand Junction CoverageDetails 145.355MHz -600KHz Running
Kremmling CoverageDetails 147.075MHz +600KHz Running
Leadville CoverageDetails 145.445MHz -600KHz


Salida CoverageDetails 147.285MHz +600KHz Running
Steamboat Springs CoverageDetails 147.165MHz +600KHz Down
Vail CoverageDetails 147.345MHz +600KHz Running
Walden CoverageDetails 145.160MHz -600KHz Running
Winter Park CoverageDetails 147.285MHz +600KHz Running

Crossband Repeaters

The Colorado Connection requests that you do not operate any crossband repeaters on our network without requesting *and receiving” permission first.   In order to be approved to use a crossband repeater, your radio must be able to identify itself with your callsign.  If this does not happen, you are putting only our callsign on your crossband which is unacceptable.

Please contact us if you wish to use any crossband system to access the Connection at any time.  See Crossband Repeaters in the menu above.