All Colorado Connection repeaters require an 88.5Hz input tone and 123.0Hz output tone. When in doubt, set your transmit tone to 88.5Hz and leave your receive tone as carrier squelch.

Updated 3/23/20

Denver/Boulder 145.310MHz -600KHz Running
Akron 145.400MHz -600KHz Running
Breckenridge 147.360MHz +600KHz Running
Colorado Springs 145.130MHz -600KHz Running
Craig 146.970MHz -600KHz Working, unlinked
Durango 147.345MHz +600KHz Running
Fort Collins 146.730MHz -600KHz Running
Glenwood Springs 146.850MHz -600KHz Running
Grand Junction 145.355MHz -600KHz Down
Kremmling 147.075MHz +600KHz Down
Leadville 145.445MHz -600KHz Running
Salida 147.285MHz +600KHz Running
Steamboat Springs 147.165MHz +600KHz Down
Vail 147.345MHz +600KHz Running
Walden 145.160MHz -600KHz Working, unlinked
Winter Park 147.285MHz +600KHz Running