SUMMER 2020 Plans

With the grass turning green (at least on the front range), we are gearing up for this summer’s projects for the Colorado Connection.  We have a pretty long list of things we would like to do this summer that you can see below.  As noted reliably on the Thursday night net, repairs and upgrades happen at the speed of donations, so while we likely won’t be able to get to everything on that list, we will get as much done as we can afford.

We were able to accomplish our full list last year despite our maintenance season being cut short by weather.  That was very much possible due to your support!  Hopefully we will have a longer season this year.

We are focused on three major areas of system improvements.  As with last year, much of this work is being done in coordination with RMHAM. We are also interested to partner with clubs or individuals throughout the state to provide operation and maintenance of the repeaters.

Improvements to existing repeaters having issues

  • Kremmling
  • Craig
  • Walden
  • Steamboat Springs

Summary: We are currently building new equipment for these sites.  We are also looking for volunteers to help maintain these repeaters.

Hardening of the system / work on the working repeaters

  • Improvement of battery backup power at Denver Mount Thorodin site
  • Redundant system controller at the Denver Hub / Mount Thorodin
  • Improvements to the Denver 145.310 MHz voting receivers
  • Antenna improvements at the Fort Collins 146.730 MHz site
  • Add voting receivers to the Colorado Springs 145.130 MHz repeater

Summary: We are working to harden our “core network” to provide greater availability and fewer system resets, while improving radio performance and coverage.

System Expansion

  • New repeater for NE Colorado in Sterling.  (A joint project between ColCon, RMHAM, and Northern Colorado ARC)
  • Investigating microwave expansion to Durango. (This is a multi-year project)
  • Investigating microwave expansion to Steamboat Springs (and points in-between)

Summary: We have aggressive plans, but will settle for reasonable progress.  We are always looking for partners for these projects: Individual or clubs providing either physical or financial assistance.  We do acknowledge that with all of the social distancing restrictions, work parties will need to be smaller groups this summer. Will you help us?

Finally, just a reminder since we seem to have a bit of a jammer epidemic too.  IF THERE IS A JAMMER ON THE COLORADO CONNECTION, PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE THE PERSON AT ALL!  ENGAGING ONLY GIVES THEM THE (NEGATIVE) ATTENTION THEY WANT!  When possible, we will just disable that repeater from the rest of the system until they go away.  While it may seem contrary to our own advice, you may hear one of the trustees engage them.  If you do, just sit back and enjoy.  If a trustee is doing so, it is because there is an active hunt going on.