Thorodin Fully Operational!

May 3, 2020

We were able to “borrow” a snowcat and make it up to Thorodin earlier than waiting for jeep access and repairs have been made.  The Mt. Thorodin transmitter is back up to being fully operational!

Thorodin Interim Fix #2 (updated)

April 30, 2020

The temporary transmitter on Lee Hill has been re-tuned to 145.310MHz, so now you can use your normal repeater offset for this location.  The “alternate” 145.430MHz is not available.  Coverage is still not the same as the Thorodin transmitter, but now at least the “normal” frequency.

Mt. Thorodin Transmitter Died!

April 29, 2020

We have a “not great, but better than nothing” solution, we are using a backup transmitter on Lee Hill. It transmits on 145.430MHz with an optional 141.3Hz output tone. This transmitter does NOT have frequency paired receiver, so you still need to transmit on 144.710MHz! You can either work split frequencies or have a very […]

What is the Colorado Connection?

March 28, 2020

The Colorado Connection is a statewide Amateur Radio system that was conceived and built to help all radio amateurs in Colorado to better communicate. We use commercial quality repeaters and antennas to ensure that the system is always there. Some of our sites are above 13000′ and are in a very brutal environment. These need […]

Grand Junction Down

March 27, 2020

The Grand Junction machine is un-linked. Unfortunately it cannot be fixed remotely, it is going to require a site visit.

Welcome to the Colorado Connection!

March 22, 2020

The Connection’s web server was hacked a couple of days ago, but the whole network is fine. We are trying to get things restored as quickly as possible. Please bear with us.

West Slope Repeaters Connected Digitally

December 29, 2019

With the help of Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, the network headed West through Colorado was completed and interconnected to Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction.  As of December 29, 2019, the link was completely finished and is now continuous from Denver through Grand Junction! This changes the quality of the audio and the reliability of the […]