Monthly Archives: September 2020

Walden status update

September 14, 2020

The Walden site had been mis-reported as working but offline.  The status is actually working, but not for local-local communication.  It is linked into the system, but in simplex mode only, so not useful for talking to other repeaters, just not for two people in/near Walden.

Repeater Status Page Update

September 14, 2020

The repeater status page has been update to include explicit links for coverage and details for each repeater site.  Some sites have more information than others!

Microwave link to Glenwood and Grand Junction having issues now

September 10, 2020

Our microwave link west to Glenwood and Grand Junction is having issues too.  We are using the cell modem backup link which works, but not well.  A trip is planned for Sunday to get the microwave link restored.

COS offline due to weather

September 8, 2020

Colorado Springs is offline.  The cause appears to be icing on the microwave antenna, so expectation is that it will remain offline until things warm up, hopefully by Thursday.