Glenwood Springs Repeater Site (146.850 Mhz)

Glenwood Springs Repeater Site (146.850 Mhz)

The 146.850 Mhz repeater resides at the top Sunlight Peak south of Glenwood Springs. The repeater provides coverage throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, Glenwood Canyon, East and West on I-70, and the Flattops Wilderness north of Glenwood.

The repeater is a GE MasterII and the link radio is a GE Custom MVP. Repeater controller is a LinkComm RLC-1 and duplexer is a four can Wacomm. Repeater antenna is a 7/8 Comet and link antenna is a 3 element Yagi.

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Connection equipment on the bottom shelf to the left. Tracy (KØDOE) and Kris (KØELK) outside the building atop Sunlight Peak Kris (KØELK), with the GE MVP link radio removed and ready to take for repairs. Snowmobiles needed to get Fred (KØVK), Tracy (KØDOE), and Kris (KØELK) to the repeater site for mid-winter repairs.
Fred (KØVK) at the Sunlight repeater site, January 29, 1999. Three dimensional map of Sunlight Peak and the surrounding area. Approximate coverage area of the Glenwood Springs repeater.

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