Colorado Springs Repeater Site (145.130 Mhz)

The 145.130 Mhz repeater in Colorado Springs resides at an elevation of 9,350 feet. The site is in a building on Cheyenne Mt. West of Colorado Springs.  Coverage is south toward Pueblo and north to Monument.  this repeater offers excellent coverage out to the east, however due to the mountain directly behind the site, coverage to the west is poor.  We've had reports of access as far south as Raton Pass when running high power.

The repeater is a GE Master II with a GE Custom MVP UHF link transceiver. The controller is a Link Communications RLC-1 and duplexers are by WACOM.

This site links directly to the Mt. Thorodin site via UHF, a distance of almost 90 miles. The signal clarity has improved as we have improved the antenna system at each end. We added a second UHF yagi, so the link transceiver currently consists of two 11 element UHF yagis phased together.

We will be adding photos here in 2014. 





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