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By: Ryan Gardner  K0CTR


By: Ryan Gardner  K0CTR

We are quickly approaching the summer season which means it is time to start planning our repeater site visits for the year. 

When the road and site conditions allow, we will be returning to the Mt. Baldy/Breckenridge site to continue the never ending saga of "Interference Countermeasures" We have replaced practically every piece of equipment up there, and have even changed frequencies, yet we continue to receive some sort of interference that causes audio issues for this repeater.  But we are determined to overcome this issue.  Stay tuned for the latest and greatest updates in this frustrating yet at times very amusing "soap opera"

For sure this year, we will be making visits to the Akron, Salida, Leadville, and Colorado Springs repeater sites.  If time and funding permits, we'll also most likely get out to Vail, Kremling and Glenwood Springs, to check up on things out there, and might even return to Grand Junction to do some more antenna work/relocation.  Our awesome Dave Andrews (KA0YDW) continues to service the Walden site as needed.

We are also looking forward to the return of the Craig Machine (146.970) to the connection sometime this year as well.  Craig and Steamboat Springs are both owned and operated by a club in northern colorado who keep them linked into the system most of the time, so our thanks to Dan (N0PRG) and his team for all that they do with regards to those two repeaters and helping the connection out.

We have not given up hope yet with regards to the Durango machine.  While it is currently off the air, rumor has it we may be able to get it up and running again in the not too distant future, as soon as some logistical issues are taken care of.  I've heard from several of you expressing strong interest in this site being operational again so please continue to be patient with us. 

Our friends from the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Club continue to update and upgrade the 145.310 Mt. Thorodin repeater and we are very greatful for all that they do.  To Doug Sharp (K2AD) and the gang involved: THANK YOU for doing an awesome job!!! 

AKRON REPEATER SITE-  We will be unable to renew our lease this year for the Akron repeater site, due to the landlord needing to use the space the Connection occupies in the shack, as well as the antenna location on the tower for other commercial/municipal useage.  As a result, we are looking for a new location to host our Akron repeater, that will offer coverage to the northeastern and eastern central part of the state.  If you know of any sites/locations that might make a good home for the Akron repeater, please E-Mail John (W0IG) or give him a call over at the Denver HRO store.  We greatly appreciate any and all help with this matter!!  When we take the Akron repeater off the air, it will leave a void in an area of the state that we need to keep coverage in. 

New Frequencies for Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs!!!
* Breckenridge is now on 147.390 (+) and you will need an 88.5hz tone to access the machine.  This differs from the rest of the system which uses a 123hz tone.   Please note that we are aware of ongoing issues with audio quality from this repeater.  We will once again attempt to tackle the "Ghosts" up on Mt. Baldy this summer, when access permits, which is usually late June/early July .  

* Steamboat Springs now resides on the frequency of 147.165 (+) with a 123hz tone. 
* The Craig repeater is currently down, but we expect it back up sometime this summer when access allows. 

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