Akron Repeater Site (145.400 Mhz)

Akron Repeater Site (145.400 Mhz)

The 145.400 Mhz repeater resides about a mile west of the town of Akron. The repeater antenna is about 200 feet up the tower, with the UHF link antenna at about 150 feet. This repeater covers the northeastern plains of Colorado.

Equipment consists of a GE Master II repeater and a GE Custom MVP UHF link transceiver. The controller is an RLC-1 from Link Communications. Duplexers are from WACOM. The UHF radio links the site to the 145.310 Mhz repeater on Mt. Thorodin. We pay $120 per year rent for our Akron site.

Antennas consist of a VHF vertical antenna for the repeater, with an eleven element UHF yagi link antenna. The 145.400 Mhz repeater site is easily accessible year around. This is one of the few sites we maintain which doesn't require 4 wheel drive access.

Dave (KA0YDW) and John (W0IG) working on the Akron repeater. View of the repeater building with UHF beam on the left side of the tower. Dave (KA0YDW) and John (W0IG) working on the Akron repeater. View looking east at the Akron repeater site.
Three dimensional map of Akron and the surrounding area. Approximate coverage area of the Akron repeater.

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